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June 30

Community Manager 2 CARE Act that empowers caregivers gains momentum: District of Columbia signs on

7 years ago

June 25

Community Manager 2 Hawaii Gov. David Ige signed into law a CARE Act bill requiring hospitals to establish procedures giving family caregivers the opportunity to receive instruction in the medical tasks required when their loved ones are discharged. Hawaii becomes the 26'th State to pass such legislation that aligns with the AARP movement of the same name:

7 years ago

June 16

Community Manager 2 @Impact Health: Moving along very well with development on V1.0 of the app. It supports a number of advancements including a very robust Rx list management capability.

7 years ago

March 16

Community Manager 2 @Impact Health: Your parents told you to keep a positive frame of mind. A recent article in the International Journal of Cardiology suggests how right they were http://www.internationaljour...

8 years ago

Community Manager 2 @Impact Health: The World Health Organization (WHO) has done significant research on the social determinants of health. It's worth understanding. Not only for health professionals but for laymen

8 years ago