Frequently Asked Questions

Does the app run on both Apple and Android?

Yes, though it was initially released on iPhones and iPads with Android following shortly thereafter.

Are you looking for institutional pilot participants?

Yes. While our first pilots commenced in the Fall (2016) we're interested in additional pilots especially with healthcare organizations who like to innovate.

What features are particularly important for patient-centric teams?

Our app and online portal provide a number of key capabilities, including:

  • Security: Patients (or their agents) control of who’s involved and assign responsibility
  • Drug List: Users easily create/modify their Rx list — transparency reduces confusion & errors
  • Drug Information: Mobile and web access to real time information on 53,000 NIH listed drugs
  • Calendars: Activities are added to a central calendar for visibility by all team members
  • Reminders: Mobile and email alerts remind everyone what events are coming up
  • Videos: Mobile and web access to videos consistent with the patient’s treatment regimen
  • Check-In: Patients and caregivers “checking-in” insures activity is taking place
  • Issue Tracking: Issues are captured, assigned and managed. Fewer balls get dropped
  • Personal Information: Information is easily added, updated and available anywhere-anytime
  • Monitoring: In concert with institutions, activity can be monitored to assure compliance