Caregiving Teams

Our Care Teams provide families and caregivers with a full suite of features to manage an individual's specific health data, general information and the day-to-day activities surrounding them. Whether that person is an aging parent, a child or someone dealing with a chronic condition.

Care Teams are private, follow HIPAA security and privacy guidelines and provide the "owner" -- the person that starts the team -- capabilities that include an electronic health record, health metrics monitoring, instant messaging, calendars, document management, vaccine tracking, note taking, video conferencing and more.

Regarding Adults: What the Experts Say

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How to Collaborate with Your Siblings to Care for Your Aging Parents

"It’s important that all siblings work together to provide supportive care to an aging parent. One sibling may take the lead, but other siblings should also contribute. More...

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How-To Videos

Creating a Personal eHealth Record

Sending Information if Necessary

Easily Adding Monitoring Data